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Dirtbusters Liverpool

My name is Dave Power and I have been a professional carpet cleaner in the Liverpool and Wirral area’s for many years.  I also specialise in fabric and floor tile cleaning.

Over this time, I have learnt to use many different cleaning systems in order to get the job done correctly and to give fantastic results at a great price to all of my many customers.

A lot of my domestic carpet cleaning and sofa cleaning in Liverpool is done using what is known in the industry as a ‘van-mounted’ machine.  This generates lots of steaming hot water and vacuum.  This cleaning system flushes any dirt and nasties straight out to the waste tank in the van.

Maybe you will suit a ‘dry carpet clean’.  This is mostly used in the commercial carpet cleaning sector but can in some instances give great results on domestic jobs.
Leather suites are cleaned either by a specialist ‘Von Shrader’ machine or if I think necessary by hand.
I also offer a curtain cleaning service in Liverpool. This can be especially useful if your curtains are heavy, and so taking down may be a nuisance.
My hard floor cleaning service may help if you need any stone tiles cleaned and sealed, as well as other floors such as Amtico, Karndean and vinyl.

Whatever the type of clean you need, it will be done using eco-friendly 100% safe carpet and upholstery cleaning products.

Once your cleaning has been completed, you will be given a free bottle of spotter – with unlimited free refills.

Please look aroubd my site for information on all of the cleaning services I offer.  If you have any questions, dont hesitate to call me 7 days a week on 0151 448 1797.

If there is no answer just leave a voicemail and I will always return the call within 15 minutes.

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Dry Carpet Cleaning

dry carpet cleaner liverpoolI can offer you a low moisture carpet clean that may be beneficial to you if, for example, you have elderly relatives that need clean carpets, but want them dry straight away.  In the main, I use hot water extraction (steam cleaning) as it is proven to give the best clean, but in some cases, dry carpet cleaning can get great results.

Punctual – flexible cleaning appointments available. 100%
Polite and courteous professional service.
Highly Trained in all aspects of carpet & sofa cleaning.
Treat our clients home with respect.
Free bottle of spotter (with unlimited refills)
Discounts for retired customers available.
No extra charge for moving furniture, stain removal, deodourising.

Call Dave between 8am and 8pm for a quote on professional carpet, hard floor, rug or leather cleaning in Liverpool.

0151 448 1797 -

Preparing for your clean.

Dirtbusters cleaning vanOnce you have booked your required cleaning service, please make sure the floor is as clear as possible.  I always use protective sheets when cleaning furniture and make sure the job is done with minimum disruption.

There is no need to vacuum the carpet or floor tiles as I take care of that too.

If there are any pets in the house, please be aware that the front door will be slightly ajar as hoses are connected to the van outside.

Carpets are dry within 1 and 6 hours, sofas dry between 1 and 12 hours and hard floor tiles that are cleaned and sealed can be walked on after 2 hours.

If you have any questions, just call me and fire away.

Whether you have a dirty carpet that needs a deep clean, or upholstery that needs attention after the kids spilt all and sundry on it you can count on Dave at Dirtbusters to get things looking prim and proper again.

Dirtbusters are a family run carpet and sofa cleaning company in Liverpool and not a big franchise.  The benefit of this in the main is that we can choose any cleaning products we feel are suitable for the job at hand.  We also don’t have the expensive franchise fee’s that get passed onto the customer.

We strive to supply a superior deep cleaning, fast drying carpet, sofa, rug and leather cleaning service at a sensible price.

Eco friendly – detergent free cleaning solutions are used in order to provide you with a top quality safe clean that ‘doesn’t cost the earth’.

Quite often we are asked if we use Pure steam to clean carpets or upholstery.  Well we don’t – as this will only cause damage. Delicate wool carpets as an example will be damaged irreversibly with pure steam, and fabric will show damage with the pile being set in the wrong direction with the steam partially melting the fibres.

Why not take a look around this website for more information on carpet and upholstery cleaning in Liverpool by Dirtbusters.

Dirtbusters, Liverpool’s favourite carpet and upholstery cleaners – Commonly Asked questions…

We advise you should (depending on traffic) have your carpets cleaned every 6 – 18 months. Even thorough vacuuming cannot remove 100% of the dry soil in your carpet, and any dirt that remains or builds up over time will be abrasive and will be like rubbing sandpaper against the fibres, in turn wearing the carpet out prematurely (especially in high traffic areas).

Well as we all know, outdoor air contains a lot of contaminates such as bacteria, car exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, pollens as well as lots of other horrible things. When you and your family come home you bring these pollutants in with you, the good news is that your carpets and upholstery fabrics filter these nasties out of the air for you, in turn cleaning the air you breathe in your home. Clean your carpet and upholstery regularly to help clean up your ‘filters’!

When looking for a carpet and upholstery cleaning company you need to ask some questions. Are they fully trained and insured? Do they have testimonials from past clients? Are they a franchise? (more overheads to pay for) Is the price a final price? Some companies offer a low price only to add on extras once in your home, you may have seen leaflets advertising carpet cleaning in Liverpool at low low prices. No one can run a business on these low prices and they are always have added costs such as stain removal, deodorising etc. We run our cleaning business on customer satisfaction and are continuously being referred and invited back time and time again.

Leather furniture is quite often cleaned incorrectly. Using baby wipes can damage your leather suite as some contain alcohol and all tend to be high alkaline. Dirtbusters recommend a very lightly moist cloth to keep the dust off, and then a professional clean every year or so, followed by a conditioning protection cream.

No, we can restore most colour problems with your leather furniture. See here – Leather repair Liverpool

Yes.. It is a a really good way of protecting your carpet and furniture. You have more time to treat any accidental spills and areas with a lot of traffic such as hallways will also benefit from this treatment. Ask for a demonstration while we are cleaning your carpet or sofa.

This depends on the size – as an example a room 14 ft x 12 ft will usually take around a hour.

Absolutely not. Steam alone will not clean your items, it will infact damage them. We use hot water extraction (often incorrectly refered to as steam cleaning) and in some cases a cold water rinse. This is the final stage of cleaning after dry soil removal, pre-treating and agitation.

This is because it works much better than supermarket carpet stain removers. It will not bleach the colour from the carpet and is fully eco friendly and bio degradeable. It can also be harder to remove stains if supermarket cleaners have been used.

Ahh the discount carpet cleaners discount voucher.. here’s an insight as to how this works. The cleaning company needs to offer a 65% discount to qualify to be on a discount voucher site. So a £100 job is now a £35 job. The cleaners then have to give Groupon 50% of this..leaving a whopping £17.50 for £100 worth of carpet or upholstery cleaning. They sell lets say 150 vouchers? The cleaners are now running around like headless chickens rushing jobs to get through them, or turn to ‘upselling’ things such as a deep clean, deodourising etc..

Stone Tile Cleaned Liverpool

Rug Cleaning Liverpool – Wirral

cleaned rugDo you have a rug that needs cleaning?  You will be surprised to see just how much dirt can be built up in a rug.  This is especially evident when you have no carpets in your home.  I can help with all kinds of rug cleaning – Persian rugs, Indian rugs, shaggy rugs (that usually contain treasure!) can all be cared for.

Maybe you have a wool rug that takes a beating?  Why not ask me about my stain guard, this is a great idea if the wool rug is in a high traffic area, or is in a place where spills are likely to happen.

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